SOMA’s creative approach is based on five key elements: individuality, boldness, aspiration for novelty, respect for tradition, and youth that is based on freedom, but not age. Handmade jewellery is made from modern high-quality materials using classic jewellery approaches. We love our clients, this is why our jewellery is hypoallergenic and will wear well for many years with proper care.



Starting from the brand’s inception in 2015, we have been pursuing one aim – to make a woman stand out in the crowd by making her image vivid and sensual. Jewellery is designed by Sofia Hallik and is handmade in a workshop in Tallinn. The brand has already won the hearts of Estonian fashion lovers, and has attracted the attention of the mass media. SOMA creates both serial and unique jewellery for those who appreciate style, quality, and the opportunity to reveal one’s individuality.






 SOMA Jewellery OÜ on saanud EAS starditoetuse, mille eesmärgiks on on Eestis tunnustatud ehtebrändi arendamine, ettevõte tootmisvõimaluse suurendamine, uute töökohtade loomine ning brändi esindamine rahvusvahelisel moemaailma areenil. On kavas oma tooted müügile lasta arvukates müügikohtades: disainipoed, ehtebutiigid, online platvormid jne. See võimaldab omakorda hõlmata võimalikult suurt auditooriumi. Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fondi toetuse summa on 12 823,34 EUR.