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Unearthy Scented Candle
Unearthy Scented Candle
Unearthy Scented Candle

Unearthy Scented Candle

The amorphous form of the New World is reflected in the scented candle named Unearthy. The aroma of this candle is our vision of scents of the New World. It is a complex combination of warm spices and myrtle supported by cedar and cypress.

This candle is the product of collaboration between Tallinn based brands SOMA Jewellery and DÜÜN. The sophisticated shape of the candle and the use of quality perfume oils, allows the candle to fill a room with an unearthly scent. The candle has a burn time up to 1h. By placing the remaining wax and an additional wick in a glass container, you can extend the burn time up to 20h.

Hand poured soy wax with cotton wicks. Vegan, cruelty-free.

Top Notes - Myrtle, Spices
Middle Notes - Cypress, Cedar, Amber
Base Notes - Sandalwood, Musk, Vetiver


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