Size Guide

While having your finger professionally measured at a jewellery store is the most accurate method, there are some home remedies you can try to estimate your ring size. Keep in mind that these methods may not be as precise as professional measurements, but they can give you a rough idea:

Use a Printable Ring Sizer:


Printable ring sizers that you can download and use at home. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and print the sizer at 100% scale to ensure accuracy.

Download here: SOMA Ring Sizer


Ring Sizer with a Strip of Paper:

  1. Cut a thin strip of paper (about  0.5 cm wide).
  2. Wrap the paper strip around the base of the finger you want to measure.
  3. Mark where the paper overlaps.
  4. Measure the length from the end of the paper to the mark using a ruler.
  5. Compare this length to a ring size chart below to determine your size.

Use a String or Thin Ribbon:

  1. Wrap a string or thin ribbon around the base of your finger.
  2. Mark where the string overlaps.
  3. Measure the length between the marks.
  4. Compare the measurement to a ring size chart below.

Ring Size Chart:

Circumference mm 47 49 50 52 54
Ring Size 15 15.5 16 16.5 17
Circumference mm 55 57 58 60 61
Ring Size 17.5 18 18.5 19 19.5
Circumference mm 63 65 66 68 69
Ring Size 20 20.5 21 21.5 22
Circumference mm 71 72
Ring Size 22.5 23